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VM Extravaganza / Shoutin'!
VM Extravaganza / Picture in a Picture
VM Experimental / TeeWee
VM Stylize / Depp Crunch
VM Extravaganza / Transmission
VM Toolbox / Grid


Some information:

You can change the blend mode, opacity and drop shadow, as well as colorize the materials, according to the tubes / colors you are using
When applying the Resize with the All layers option checked, this will be informed in the tutorial, otherwise, apply the resize, with this option unchecked
Remember to always save your work
Whenever you reduce an image, then apply Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen, to maintain the sharpness of the image
Some tools or features have other names in earlier versions of the PSP. See the table below

Tools: Old Versions:
Pick Tool Deformation
Mirror Horizontal Mirror
Mirror Vertical Flip







Open the material, duplicate, close the originals and work with the copies

Open the color table in the psp area and work capturing the colors with the dropper

You will need 1 character tube and 1 landscape tube

Used colors:

Open landscape image

Image / Resize: 900 x 546px width - aspect ratio and all layers unchecked
Note: The image used in the tutorial was sized at 900 x 546px.
If the image you use, The height is bigger, you can resize it to the same size
If it is smaller, leave it as it is and it will be adjusted later, when applying the Canvas Size

Layers / Promote background layer

Effects / plugins / Unlimited 2 / VM Extravaganza / Shoutin'!

Image / Resize: 80% -

Now the image size will be adjusted.
If the size is the same as the tutorial image, proceed to the next step.

If not, do the following step:
image / Canvas size: 900 x 546 - centered image

Drop Shadow: 1 -1 80 5 black

Add new layer

Put color 1 (dark) in the foreground and color 2 (light) in the background

Prepare a Linear gradient as per the print
(linear-90/1-invert unchecked)

Paint the layer with this gradient

Layers / Arrange / Move Down

Layers / Duplicate

Effects / Plugins / VM Extravaganza / Picture in a Picture - Apply 2 times

Effects / Plugins / Experimental VM / TeeWee

Effects / plugins / VM Stylize / Depp Crunch

Effects / Plugins / VM Extravaganza / Transmission

Adjust / Brightness and contrast / Fill Light / clarity

Layers / Properties / Blend Mode: Soft Light / Opacity: 85%

Merge down

Layers / duplicates

Activate the Selection Tool / custom selection and configure as per print

Effects / Plugins / VM Toolbox / Grid

select none

Layers / properties / Opacity: 10% (or other value depending on your colors)

Activate the top layer

Copy the character tube / return to your work / Paste as a new layer

Resize if necessary

Position as you wish

Apply a Drop Shadow of your choice

Image / Add borders / 2px / white

With the Dropper Tool, capture the color of the rectangle on the left of the image as shown in the print

Image / Add borders / 35px / color captured above

Select this edge with Magic Wand

Effects / plugins / VM Toolbox / Grid

Effects / 3D Effects / Inner Bevel

select none

Copy wordart / return to your work / paste as new layer

Colorize if you wish

Apply a Drop Shadow of your choice

Put your signature

Merge All

save as jpeg



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