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Tubes: Naisem / Narah


Eye Candy 5: Impact / Bevel


Some information:

You can change the blend mode, opacity and drop shadow, as well as colorize the materials, according to the tubes / colors you are using
When applying the Resize with the All layers option checked, this will be informed in the tutorial, otherwise, apply the resize, with this option unchecked
Remember to always save your work
Whenever you reduce an image, then apply Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen, to maintain the sharpness of the image
Some tools or features have other names in earlier versions of the PSP. See the table below

Tools: Old Versions:
Pick Tool Deformation
Mirror Horizontal Mirror
Mirror Vertical Flip





The colors used in the tutorial are of your free choice.
Open the mask on psp and minimize
Install the [Vebeau] preset by double clicking it
Save the texture in the Textures folder of the psp

1. Open the alpha file [alphachannel_vebeau]
Duplicate (shift+d) / Close the original
2. Selections / Select All
3. Open the jpg image (the material has two images for you to choose or use another one if you wish)
Copy and paste into selection
4. Adjust / blur / Gaussian Blur: 17
print 1

select none
5. Add new layer
6. Selections / Load selection from alpha channel / Selection 1
print 2

7. Selections / Invert
8. Paint the layer with a color of your choice
9. Selections / Invert
10. Selections / Modify / select selection borders
print 3

11. Add new layer
12. Put a dark color on the foreground and a light color on the background
Prepare a Radial gradient as per the print
print 4

Fill the selection with this gradient
13. Effects / 3D Effects / buttonize (dark color)
print 5

select none
14. Drop shadow: 0 0 100 20.43 black
15. Merge down
16. Close the Raster 1 layer by clicking on the eye
17. Activate the Merged layer
18. Add new layer
Paint with white color
19. Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image / Mask [Narah_Mask_1703]
print 6

Merge Group
20. Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance More
21. Activate the Raster 1 layer and make it visible again by clicking on the eye
22. Layers / Properties / Blend Mode: Soft Light
23. Add new layer
24. Open the tube misted (choose one of the material options or another one you want) and copy
25. Selections / Load selection from alpha channel / Selection 2
Paste the tube misted into the selection
26. Selections / Modify / Select selection borders same as above
27. Add new layer
paint with the gradient
28. Effects / 3D Effects / Inner Bevel
print 8

select none
29. Merge down
30. Add new layer
31. Selections / Load selection from alpha channel / Selection 3
Color the selection with white color
32. Effects / Texture Effects / Texture (texturemategray)
print 9

33. Selections / Modify / Select selection borders same as above
34. Add new layer
Paint with white color
35. Merge down
36. Layers / Properties / Opacity: 30%

select none
37. Effects / Distortion Effects / Wave
print 10

38. Drop shadow: 2 2 100 2 dark color
39. Layers / duplicates
40. Image / Resize: 80%
41. Image / Mirror / Horizontal Mirror
Merge down
42. Layers / duplicates
43. Image / Free rotate [left/45]
print 11

Merge down
44. Effects / Distortion Effects / Polar Coordinates
print 12

Merge visible
45. Add new layer
46. ​​Selections / Load selection from disk / Selection 4
47. Copy the misted tube and paste in the selection
48. Effects / Plugins / Eye Candy 5: Impact / Bevel / Preset [preset_vebeau]
Click on the Lighting tab and in Shadow color, put a color that matches the image
print 13

select none
49. Merge visible
50. Copy the tube character (choose one of those in the material or use another) and paste it as a new layer
Resize if necessary
Position as you wish
Drop shadow of your choice
51. Image / Add borders / 10px / dark color
52. Copy the text tube [vbeu-name] and paste it as a new layer
Position where you think best
Put your signature
Merge All
save as jpeg



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