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Mehdi / Wavy Lab 1.1/ sorting tiles

Toadies / What are you?

Simple / 4 way Average

&<Sandflowes Specials /Design Blinds

Carolaine and Sensibility/ CS_LDots

Nik software - color Effex Pro 3.0 Complete / Detail Stylizer



You can download it aqui


Some information:

You can change the blend mode, opacity and drop shadow, as well as colorize the materials, according to the tubes / colors you are using
When applying the Resize with the All layers option checked, this will be informed in the tutorial, otherwise, apply the resize, with this option unchecked
Remember to always save your work
Whenever you reduce an image, then apply Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen, to maintain the sharpness of the image
Some tools or features have other names in earlier versions of the PSP. See the table below

Tools: Old Versions:
Pick Tool Deformation
Mirror Horizontal Mirror
Mirror Vertical Flip






Open the material in psp, duplicate, close the originals and work with the copies
Open the masks on psp and minimize

Open a new transparent image with 900 x 550px
Effects / Plugins / mehdi / Wavy Lab 1.1

(bow 3 0 0 0)

Colors used in the tutorial: 1.#3f372a / 2.#9d6034 / 3.#ffffff / 4.#2c2b29

Effects / plugins / Mehdi / Sorting Tiles

(150-300 150 mosaic)

With the Selection Tool select the part shown in the print
Selection / promote selection to layer
Select none
Layers / Duplicate
Activate the Promoted Selection layer 
Effects / Plugins / toadies / What are you?

(20 20)

Effects / Plugins / Simple / 4Way Average
Drop Shadow: 1 1 67 2 preto
Select the Copy of Promoted Selection layer
Effects / plugins / &<SandFlower Specials> / Design Blinds

(16 8 64 48 32 200 255 0)

If you want, colorize according to your colors
Layer / duplicate
Image / Free rotate


Effects / Image Effects / Offset


Merge down
Effects / Distortion Effects / Polar Coordinates / Rectangular to Polar / Wrap
Layers / duplicate

Image / Mirror / Mirror Horizontal

Merge down
Layers / Properties / blend Mode: Darken
Activate the Raster 1 layer
Adjust / Blur / Gaussian Blur: 43
Effects / plugins / Carolaine and Sensibility / CS_LDots

(85 3 2)

Add a new layer and paint it with a color from your work.
Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image / Mask <narah_Mask_1654>

Merge Group

Drop Shadow: 2 2 4 17,23 preto
Add a new layer and paint with #ffffff color
Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image / Mask <narah_Mask_1634>

Merge Group

Layers / Arrange / Bring to top
With the Pick Tool, move the mask to the right and rotate to the right and leave it in the position shown in the model. Reduce a little too
Drop shadow: 1 1 60 12 preto
Effects / Plugins / Nik sotware - Color Effex Pro 3.0 - Complete / Detail Stylize

Choose the shade that matches your colors in Pop Art

Image / Add borders / 3px / a darker color of your work

Image / Add borders / 3px / another color from your work

Image / Add borders / 3px / a lighter color for your work

Image / Add borders / 9px / white

Image / Add borders / 9px / lighter color

Image / Add borders / 9px / darker color

Open your tube character
Copy and paste as new layer
Make the adjustments you think necessary: ​​Resize / Drop Shadow / Position
Merge Visible
Activate the Text Tool / Select Avant font (on material) / Size 150px
In the foreground, a color of your choice and in the background, white / width: 1 or 2
Write the word TOP
Layers / Convert to Raster Layer
Effects / 3D Effects / Chisel

(35 / transparent / a dark color of your image)

Sign it
Save as JPEG

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