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Lily Garnier


Unlimited 2 / tile Mirror / Kaleidoscope 2

Download - AQUI

* Double click on the Eye Candy 5: Impact preset to export it to the plugin

* In the tutorial when it is necessary to resize all layers, this will be informed in the item, otherwise, apply the resize with (all layers) unchecked



* Modify the blend mode and opacity of the layers and apply drop shadow according to your tubes.

* The Pick Tool in older versions of the PSP is called Deformation

* In older PSP versions:

Mirror / Mirror Horizontal = Mirror

Mirror / Mirror Vertical = Flip



01.Save the gradient (gradient_metallic_rose) in the Gradients folder of the PSP. Open the masks in
PSP desktop and minimize. Save the selection to the PSP Selections folder

02.Open a new transparent image with 800x550px

03.Click the Foreground / Click the Gradient option / Locate the gradient (gradient_metallic_rose)
and configure a Linear gradient, according to the print

03.1 Paint the image with this gradient

04.Adjust / Hue and Saturation / Colorize
Note: Configure the effect according to your colors

05.Effects / Plugins / Unlimited 2 / Tile Mirror / Kaleidoscope 2

06.Add new layer

07.Selections / Load selection from disk / Selection (sel_luzcristina)

08.Selections / Modify / Contract: 13

09.Add new layer

10.Paint with white color

11. Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image / Mask (Narah_Mask_1228)

12.Merge Group

13.Drop shadow: 3 3 100 10 black

14.Repeat the Drop Shadow in negative: -3 -3 100 10 black

15.Select none

16. Copy your misted tube and paste it as a new layer

17.Place to your liking

18.Merge Down - Apply 2 times

19.Add a new layer

20.Paint with color # 8f3e24

21.Layers / New Mask Layer / From Image / Mask (Narah_Mask_1230)

22.Merge Group

23.Drop Shadow: 3 3 80 13.45 black

24.Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance More

25.Layers / Properties / Blend Mode: Multiply

26.Activate the Raster 2 layer

27.Layers / Arrange / Bring to top

28.Image / Add borders / 3px / color # 4c3024 (darker color of your work)
Image / Add borders / 42px / color #ffffff
Image / Add borders / 42px / color # 2e160b
Image / Add borders / 5px / color #ffffff

29.Copy the tube (decor_nmcriacoes_129) and paste it as a new layer

30.Image / Free rotate (Right / 90)

31.Activate the Pick tool and configure it according to the print (x = 13 / y = 12)

32.Drop Shadow: 2 2 100 12 black

33.Repeat the negative Drop Shadow: -2 -2 100 12

34.Copy the tube (decor-nmcriacoes_94) and paste it as a new layer

35.Effects / Image Effects / Offset (-341/211)

36.Layers / duplicate

37.Image / Mirror / Mirror vertical

38.Image / Mirror / Mirror Horizontal

39.Merge down

40.Drop Shadow: 2 2 68 12 black

Author's Note: If you want, you can change the color of the center of the deco,
putting a color of your taste

41.Merge visible

42.Place your subscription

43.Merge all

44.Image / Resize: 1000px

45.Save: File / Export / JPEG Optimizer



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