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Some information:

You can change the blend mode, opacity and drop shadow, as well as colorize the materials, according to the tubes / colors you are using

When applying the Resize with the All layers option checked, this will be informed in the tutorial, otherwise, apply the resize, with this option unchecked

Some tools or features have other names in earlier versions of the PSP. See the table below:

Tools: Old versions:
Pick Tool Deformation
Mirror Horizontal Mirror
Mirror Vertical Flip






Abra o material na área de trabalho do PSP, duplique, feche os originais, trabalhe nas cópias

Salve os brushes na pasta Brushes do PSP

Salve o gradiente na pasta Gradients do PSP

Salve a textura na pasta Textures do PSp

Clique duas vezes no preset Alien Sky para exportá-lo para o plugin


Open a new transparent image with 900 x 600px
Effets / Plugins / Tramages / Perforator 1


Effects / Texture Effects / texture (texture: texturas (Small Drimps))


add a new layer
Paint with a smooth solid color
Layers / Arrange / Move down
Activate the top layer
Add a new layer
Activate the Paint Brush tool
Select the AbstractAncient 046 brush / configure as per the print



Note: If you saved this brush in the folder and it didn't work. Open in PSP and export: File / Export / Custom Brush / Name / Ok
When using, there are two images in the same brush, a flower and a leaf, stamp the flower first and resize it, in my version, I put 130% increase, positioned and gave a Vertical Mirror. Then, I added another layer, stamped the brush on the sheet, gave Mirror Horizontal, reduced it by 80% and gave Free Rotate (left/45) and positioned it.
The brush provided in the material didn't work on my psp, so I adapted it that way.


Put the #ffffff no foreground and background
Stamp the brush according to the model
Drop Shadow: 1  1  87  2,49  preto
Open the main tube / Copy and the paste as new layer
Position on the left side according to the model
Prepare a Linear gradient in the configuration and colors of your choice
Or use what's in the material
Remove the visibility of the tube layer
Activate the Brush layer
Activate the Change to Target Brush Tool and colorize the brush with the gradient
(Ninth tool from above, it is one of the options)
Return the visibility of your tube layer
Image / Add borders / 1px / cor escura

Image / Add borders / 38px / cor clara

Image / Add borders / 49px / branco

Select this 49px border with the Magic Wand
Selections / Promote selection to layer
Select none
Activate the background layer
Select the 38px border with the magic wand
Effects / Texture Effects / Texture (texture: textures(small Drimp)) same as before
Drop Shadow: 0 0 100 100 preto
Select None
Select the white border with the magic wand
Effects / Plugins / Eye Candy: Nature / Water Drops / preset_lisses

*If you want to change the color, select Basic and change it in the Liquid Color field

Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance
Selections / Invert
Drop Shadow sane as before
Select none
Image / Add borders / 4px / dark color
Open the tube deco<142-nmcriacoes> / Copy and paste as new layer
Activate the Pick Tool tool and configure it according to the print (X=56/Y=15) / Press the letter M
Layers / Duplicate
Image / Mirror / Mirror Vertical
Merge down
Layers / Duplicate
Image / Mirror / Mirror Horizontal
Merge down
Open the tube<titulo> / Copy and paste as new layer
Position according to the model
Colorize to your liking
Sign it
Merge All

Save as JPEG


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