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Cicka Design


FF Gallery A
Flaming Pear
Mura's Seamless
L & K's
Eye Candy 5: Impact

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* In the tutorial when it is necessary to resize all layers, this will be informed in the item, otherwise, apply the resize with (all layers) unchecked



* Modify the blend mode and opacity of the layers and apply drop shadow according to your tubes.

* The Pick Tool in older versions of the PSP is called Deformation

* In older PSP versions:

Mirror / Mirror Horizontal = Mirror

Mirror / Mirror Vertical = Flip 



00.Save the gradients in the Gradients folder of the PSP. Open the mask on psp and minimize. Double click on the preset eye Candy 5 to export it to the plugin.
Import the Falming Pear preset through the plugin. Save your selections to the Selections folder on the PSP.

01.Open a new transparent image with 1000x700px

02.Click the foreground / Activate the Gradient option / Locate the Forest Tones gradient /
Configure a Radial gradient as per the print:

02.1. Paint the image with this gradient

03.Effects / Reflection Effects / Feedback

04.Effects / plugins / Unlimited 2 / FF Gallery A / Mirror. Mirror / Default

05.Effects / plugins / Unlimited 2 / FF Gallery A / Triangular Mosaic Filter

06.Layers / duplicate

07.Image / Resize: 85%

08.Effects / Geometric Effects / skew

09.Effects / plugins / Flaming Pear / Flexify 2 / Preset (Flexify 2 settings) (in the material)
Note: Click on the red arrow, locate and select the preset provided in the material. If the preset doesn't work, configure it according to the print

10.Layers / Load mask from disk / Mask (20-20)

11.Layers / Duplicate

12.Merge Group

13. Effects / plugins / Mura's Seamless / Emboss at Alpha / Default

13.Effects / Image Effects / Seamless Tiling / Default (Transition: 100)

13.Effects / Plugins / Simple / Top Left Mirror

14.Layers / Duplicate

15. Effects / Plugins / L & K's / L & K's Mayra / Default

16.Effects / reflection Effects / Rotating Mirror

17.Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen More

18.Layers / Arrange / Move Down

19. Copy the tube (deco_mj) and paste it as a new layer

20.Add new layer

21.Layers / Arrange / Bring to top

22.Fill the layer with the gradient

23.Adjust / blur / Gaussian Blur: 50

24.Selections / Load selection from disk / Selection (raymonde_mj)

25.Selections / invert

26. Press Delete on your keyboard

27.Selections / Invert

28.Adjust / Add / Remove Noise / Add Noise

29.Effects / plugins / Eye candy 5: impact / Glass / Preset (glass-majo)

30.Select none

31.Objects / align / bottom

32.Layers / Duplicate

33.Image / Mirror

34.Image / Flip

35.Merge down

36.Selections / Load Selection from disk / Selection (raymond_1_mj)

37.Copy the image (edit / copy) (will be in memory)

38.Select none

39. Paste the copied image as a new layer

40. Don't need to move

41.Copy the character tube and paste it as a new layer

42.Image / Resize: 88%

43.Position according to model

44.Drop shadow of your choice

45.Activate the Raster 1 layer

46.Copy this layer and paste it as a new image / Minimize

47.The image and layers will look like this:

48.Image / Add borders / 1px / black

49.Selections / Select all

50.Image / Add borders / 30px / white

51.Selections / Invert

52. Paste the image copied above into the selection

53.Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen More

54.Drop Shadow: 0 0 60 30 black

55.Selections / Select All

56.Copy image (will be in memory)

57.Image / Add borders / 30px / white

58.Selections / Invert

59. Paste the copied image into the selection

60.Adjust / blur / Gaussian Blur: 25

61.Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen More

62.Drop Shadow: 0 0 60 30 black

63.Selections / Invert

64.Drop shadow like the previous one

65.Select None

66.Image / Add borders / 1px / black

67.Place your subscription

68.Merge all

69.Image / Resize: 1000px (width)

70.Save: File / Export / Jpeg optimizer



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