This tutorial is by Maria José and has been translated with your permission.
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Ana Ridzi


MurA's Meister

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* In the tutorial when it is necessary to resize all layers, this will be informed in the item, otherwise, apply the resize with (all layers) unchecked



* Modify the blend mode and opacity of the layers and apply drop shadow according to your tubes.

* The Pick Tool in older versions of the PSP is called Deformation

* In older PSP versions:

Mirror / Mirror Horizontal = Mirror

Mirror / Mirror Vertical = Flip




Salve as seleções na pasta Selections do PSP

Place color # 989882 in the foreground and accor # 343527 in the background

Prepare a Linear gradient


Open a new transparent image with 1000x650px

Paint with the gradient

Effects / Plugins / funhouse / Faceter


Effects / edge Effects / enhance More

Add new layer

Fill with gradient

Effects / Geometric Effects / Horizontal perspective


Image / Mirror

Repeat Geometric Effects / Horizontal perspective

Effects / plugins / funhouse / Faceter


Selections / Load selection from disk / Selection (annelise_mj)

Press Delete on your keyboard

Select none

Image / Resize: 80%

Image / Canvas size: 1000x750 (50 50 0 0)

Activate the Raster 2 layer

Effects / Plugins / Mura's Meister / Copies

Effects / image Effects / Offset (-140/0)

Layers / duplicate

Image / Resize: 80%

Effects / Plugins / Mura's Meister / Copies same as previous

Image / Mirror

Activate the Pick Tool and configure it according to the print (x = 70 / y = 55)

Drop shadow: 0 0 80 40 black (in both layers)

Activate the Raster 1 layer

Selections / Load selection from disk / Selection (annelise_1_mj)

Add new layer

Fill with the Linear gradient:


Effects / 3D Effects / Chisel (dark color)


Add new layer

Copy your misted tube and paste in the selection

Layers / Properties / Opacity: +/- 60%

Merge down

Select none

Copy the character tube and paste it as a new layer

Position according to model

Drop shadow just like the previous one

Merge visible

Add new layer

Layers / Arrange / Move down

Fill the layer with the dark color

Image / Add borders / 1px / black
Image / Add borders / 1px / light color
Image / Add borders / 1px / black

Selections / Select all

Copy the image and paste as a new image / Minimize

Return to your work image

Image / Add borders / 50px / white

Selections / Invert

Paste the image copied above into the selection

Adjust / blur / Motion Blur


Effects / Reflection Effects / Rotating Mirror


Effects / plugins / simple top Left Mirror

Effects / edge effects / Enhance

Selections / invert

Drop shadow just like the previous one

Select none

Image / Add borders / 1px / black

Place your signature

Merge all

Image / resize: 1000px (width)

Save: File / Export / Jpeg optimizer



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