This tutorial is by Edith Spigai and was translated with your permission

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This tutorial uses only the effects of the plugins and the PSP. You will need the following items:
1 female tube
1 landscape misted tube
1 decorative tube


Marny Sensation / Nena Silva

AAA Filters
AAa Frames
Mura's seamless
FF Galery A
Ulead / particle

Download: HERE


* Modify the blend mode and the opacity of the layers and apply drop shadow according to your tubes.

* The Pick Tool in older versions of the PSP is called Deformation

* In old PSP versions:

Mirror / Mirror Horizontal = Mirror

Mirror / Mirror Vertical = Flip



* In the tutorial when it is necessary to resize all layers, this will be informed in the item, otherwise, apply the resize with (all layers) unchecked.



01-open a new transparent image with 900x600px

02-put the color # 1c3344 in the foreground and the color in the background

03-prepare this Linear gradient and paint the image with it

04-selections / select all

05-copy your landscape misted tube and paste in the selection

06-select none

07-effects / image effects / seamless tiling / default

08-adjust / blur / gaussian blur: 20

09-effects / plugins / mura's seamless / checks with gradation

10-effects / plugins / transparency / eliminate black

11-effects / distortion effects / polar coordinates /rectangular to polar - repeat

12-effects / reflection effects / rotating mirror

13-effects / user defined filter / emboss 3

14-adjust / sharpen / sharpen more - apply twice

15-drop shadow: 0 0 80 20 black

16-add new layer

17-layers / arrange / send to bottom

18-fill with gradient

19-effects / texture effects / weave

20-activate the raster layer 1

21-activate the selection tool / put the option: circle in Selection Type / draw a circle in the center of the effect

22-add new layer

23-fill with gradient

24-copy the landscape misted and paste in the selection

25-effects / 3d effects / chisel

26-select none

27-adjust / sharpness / sharpen

28-activate the raster layer 2

29-add new layer

30-fill with gradient

31-effects / plugins / ff gallery A / ripper

32-effects / geometric effects / perspective vertical

33-activate the ruler: View / Rulers

34-activate the pick tool / click on the upper central node
and drag down to the height of 350px (see print)
35-drop shadow: 0 0 80 40

36-activate the top layer

37-effects / plugins / ulead particle / bubbles

Note: This puglin, each time you apply, the effect comes out different.
You can configure it as it is in my print, but the effect will be different.
So, just click on the spheres and position them as you wish

38-copy the tubes you chose and paste as a new layer

39-resize if necessary and position as desired

40-apply drop shadow of your choice

41-merge visible

42-effects / plugins / aaa frames / photo frame

43-effects / plugins / aaa filters / custom / laplace

Note: Choose an effect that matches your image.
In my version, I used landscape.

44-place your signature

45-merge all

46-save: file / export / jpeg optimizer

Thank you for doing my translations



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