This tutorial is by Edith Spigai and has been translated with your permission.
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Naise M / Edith


Simple / diamonds
Mura's Meister
Flaming Pear / Flood
AAA Frames / foto Frame

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* In the tutorial when it is necessary to resize all layers, this will be informed in the item, otherwise, apply the resize with (all layers) unchecked



* Modify the blend mode and opacity of the layers and apply drop shadow according to your tubes.

* The Pick Tool in older versions of the PSP is called Deformation

* In older PSP versions:

Mirror / Mirror Horizontal = Mirror

Mirror / Mirror Vertical = Flip



Save your selections to the PSP Selections folder

Open a new transparent image with 900x600px

Put a dark color on the foreground and a light color on the background

Prepare a Linear gradient and paint the image with this gradient

Selections / Select all

Open your tube misted / Copy and paste into the selection

Select none

Effects / Image effects / Seamless tiling / Default

Adjust / Blur / Gaussian Blur: 30

Effects / Plugins / Simple / diamonds

Effects / edge Effects / enhance More

Selections / Load selection from disk / Selection (Selec_2_Edith)

Add new layer

Open your tube misted / copy and paste in the selection

Drop Shadow: 0 0 75 30 black

Selections / Invert

Activate the Raster 1 layer

Effects / Texture Effects / Blinds

Select none

Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance

Activate the Raster 2 layer

Effects / plugins / Flaming pear / Flood

Activate the Raster 1 layer

Layers / Duplicate

Effects / Plugins / Mura's Meister / Perspective Tiling

Drop Shadow: 0 0 75 30 black

Activate the top layer

Add a new layer

Selections / Load selection from disk / Selection (Selec_1_Edith)

Effects / 3D Effects / Chisel (color # c5b691)

Select none

Effects / Plugins / Mura's meister / Copies

Effects / Distortion Effects / Polar Coordinates / Polar to Rectangular

Effects / Reflection Effects / Rotating Mirror

Image / Mirror / Mirror Vertical (flip)

Objects / Align / Top

Activate the Pick Tool and move the image to the top according to the print

Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen More

Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen

Drop Shadow: 0 0 75 30 black

Open your main tube / Copy and paste as a new layer

Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen

Drop Shadow of your choice

Position according to model

Open the tubes decos / copy and paste as a new layer

Position them according to the model

Merge visible

Image / Add borders / 1px / color # 4c4936

Selections / Select all

Image / Add borders / 30px / white

Drop Shadow: 0 0 75 30 black

Select none

Effects / Plugins / AAA Frame / Photo Frame

Image / Add borders / 1px / black

Place your signature

Merge All

Save: File / Export / Jpeg Optimizer



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